Alec Baker

Alec Baker

When and why you began parkour:
Alec began practicing parkour back in 2006 but didn’t think of it as anything more than just having fun and going on adventures with his friends. It all started by seeing Dan Pierce doing flips off of apparatus and benches in a park. Alec was instantly hooked and would train straight after school and dedicate any spare time to his new found love.

When and why you began coaching:
Alec was making good progress in developing his skills, but his drive for further bettering himself meant he needed somewhere safer to practice techniques. Alec was fortunate enough to be invited to a session held by Jackson Turner at the YMCA in Dorchester and soon became a regular. He then had the opportunity to become a Train Hard coach and assisted with a variety of sessions. Alec says he loves coaching because he gets a great feeling of pride through teaching and helping people progress in the sport he loves so much.

Where do you coach?
Alec regularly covers and assists lead coaches if they are ill or away, especially in the Dorchester/Weymouth area. Future ambitions: Alec’s future ambitions are to stay helping Train Hard with sessions and events and sees Train Hard as more than just company to work for, but more of a family of amazing friends that do more than just coach together.

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