Danny Pierce

Danny Pierce

When and why you began parkour:
Danny started to train back in 2006/7. When he started he didn’t really know what he was training for, he just did it because he loved movement and wanted to challenge himself. While training, Danny bumped into Jackson Turner who then passed on more knowledge to him about what Parkour/Freerunning actually was. Shortly after this, Danny began to coach alongside Jackson until he was experienced enough to run and lead sessions himself.

When and why you began coaching:
Danny’s main reasons for becoming a coach was that he loved the activity more than anything he’d ever done before and it just seemed to him to be the perfect thing to invest his time in. Danny thoroughly enjoys seeing people improving their strength and movement.

Where do you coach?
Dorchester YMCA
Weymouth Sports Centre

Future ambitions:
One of Danny’s future ambitions is to coach more conditioning-­based sessions. This is because the strength and maintenance side of parkour is often overlooked. He believes that a lot of practitioners would benefit from these sessions, especially people new to the activity.


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