Ellis Keates

Ellis Keates

When and why you began parkour:
Ellis started parkour in 2011, and has enjoyed his journey ever since! He began parkour when his friend (and now fellow Train Hard coach) introduced him to classes in Bournemouth run by Scott Jackson. Ellis found the first couple of classes he attended to be the most physically active and adrenaline­ filled sessions he’d ever tried and took a keen interest in the discipline. Ellis and Fin became regular pupils of these classes and would find themselves assisting Scott at these sessions in a couple of years, finally becoming fully ­qualified Train Hard coaches.

When and why you began coaching:
Ellis began coaching about 3 years into my training career. Ellis always found that he was giving little helpful tips to others when out training and really enjoyed the feeling of helping others if they ever struggled with moving. This is the main reason Ellis is involved with coaching as he truly loves helping students to become more confident within themselves as well as their movement. Ellis started working as a voluntary assistant when Scott saw him as a hard-working, knowledgeable and capable student of his own. After working as a voluntary assistant coach for a couple of years and learning important skills, Ellis was brought on as an integral part of the Train Hard coaching team..

Where do you coach?
Bournemouth: Pavilion Dance South West
Poole: The Parkour Project

Future ambitions:
Ellis is currently studying sound engineering and aims to become a full­time producer and DJ of music, which has always been a significant part of his life. He would also like to continue his coaching career alongside this.

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