Fin Cruse­-Drew

Fin Cruse­-Drew

When and why you began Parkour:
Fin began Parkour in 2011 at the Pavilion Dance South West classes run by Scott Jackson (which Fin now assists in running). Fin started looking for a sport or hobby which he could enjoy and hopefully become good at. After Fin read a description of Parkour, he instantly knew that this was what he wanted to do. He began the sessions with friend and now fellow coach, Ellis Keates, and hasn’t looked back since!

When and why you began coaching:
Fin began coaching at the start of 2014, in the same place that he began: Pavilion Dance South West. Scott recognised that Fin was a hard­working, competent mover, and was in need of assistant coaches and offered him a position. This led to him being brought onboard Train Hard Parkour. As Fin was reaching a point in his Parkour training where he was becoming confident enough to understand what needed changing in his own posture/position, it led to him discovering how this changed the overall look of his movement, and led him to the realisation that assisting others in their discovery of their own personal ‘style’ or movement was a good direction to take. Fin also wanted to start coaching due to the discipline having grown exponentially over the past 5 years. He wanted to direct new traceurs into becoming outstanding athletes who would be able to move to the best of their abilities, and not become injured in the long term by moving in a way which damaged their bodies.

Where do you coach:
Bournemouth: Pavilion Dance South West
Poole: The Parkour Project

Future ambitions:
Fin is aiming to become a Level 2 qualified coach, eventually leading safe and challenging
sessions by himself.

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