Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher

When and why you began parkour:
Liam first started parkour in 2005 after seeing the Channel 4 documentary Jump Britain. It immediately appealed to him (being a gymnast), since he was able to take the strength and acrobatic skill he’d gained in the gym and use it as the building blocks to a completely new set of skills. After finding a local group online who trained in Dorchester, Liam started to meet them each Saturday morning to go out and drill the basics. This is where Liam met Jackson, who ended up being a core member of the group. Through Jackson, the group started to search further afield for new training spots, and soon he had organised the first indoor gym sessions which began to lay the foundation for Train Hard.

When and why you began coaching:
Liam began coaching parkour in around 2011. Liam, Jackson, and many of the other coaches that now make up Train Hard were asked to coach at Camp Bestival alongside the skatepark. They had very limited equipment – just a few wooden boxes, some scaffolding and a couple of mats – but managed to provide sessions that had people queuing round the corner to get their kids into them. It was great to see how engaging the sessions could be made even with the lack of equipment, and the feedback they received from both parents and participants made the long days worth it. Train Hard have been asked back every year since!

Where do you coach?
Liam is currently not actively coaching.

Future ambitions:
Liam currently works as a business analyst for IBM, but can see himself making more use of his degree in Sport and Exercise Science in the future.

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