Luke Stones

Luke Stones2

Luke Stones

Luke is a Parkour enthusiast from Poole. Luke started training parkour back in 2012 when he saw Scott and some local athletes doing a performance in Bournemouth Square to advertise the newly-starting Pavilion Dance parkour sessions. Luke started attending the sessions and made friends with a lot of the other students. He started to practise parkour outside, after the sessions, with some of his friends and has been loving it ever since! Luke loves parkour for the community values and the feeling of having almost a second family. He also loves parkour for the simplicity of the sport; there’s no need for any equipment, just you and your body. Luke also loves how the sport motivates him to travel; to explore outside of his local area and find spots to train further afield and meet more of the ever-growing community.

Train Hard have brought Luke onboard, not only because of his immense skill as a practitioner, but because of his hard work, dedication, and humble attitude towards training. Luke is currently in the process of becoming a Parkour UK-qualified Level 1 Assistant Coach.

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