Max Barker


Max Barker

Max is a Parkour enthusiast from Bournemouth. He started Parkour in 2012 after a friend took him to a coached Train Hard Parkour session in Bournemouth. Max absolutely loved that session and started going regularly. Soon, going to these sessions every Saturday for two hours wasn’t enough, so he began meeting up with people and doing it during the week and any spare time he had. Max enjoys Parkour and the feeling that there are no limitations; it’s just you, your environment, and your progression. Max has always been a very active person, and he found Parkour to be the most unique and physically challenging way of being active, as well as being outside, and one with his surroundings. Max now travels around the country to various Parkour hotspots to train with the wider community.

Max is Train Hard’s first sponsored athlete; selected for his ego-less training attitude, high skill level, and commitment to the ethos behind Parkour.

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