Ollie Sohawon

Ollie Sohawon

When and why you began Parkour:
Ollie began parkour in 2010. Before this, he played Tennis for 7 years and had been in competitions and really enjoyed it. At this time, he knew about Parkour as a few of his best friends had been doing it for a few years at Dorchester YMCA. Ollie decided to give it a go at a Dorchester adult’s class. After the first session, he was hooked! Ollie decided to stop doing tennis and began parkour as his main sporting activity.

When and why you began coaching:
Ollie started coaching when he was 17. A few of his friends were already coaching when he began parkour, but because he was always training with them he picked up the movements quickly. Ollie was also observing how they coached other people, and after a few years, Jackson invited him to be a coach alongside the others. Ollie decided to take up this offer because he wanted to improve himself as well as start to pass on the knowledge of parkour to others.

Where do you coach?
Ollie is currently away traveling and is not coaching.

Future ambitions:
Ollie is taking some time to go travelling in 2015/2016. Ollie then plans to study for a degree in Design of the 21st Century. Whilst studying, Ollie aims to continue training and doing some coaching where he can fit it in!


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