Tobie Annels

Tobie Annels

When and why you began Parkour: I found out about parkour after watching a documentary about it and finding some videos on YouTube. I began Parkour in 2014 at the Pavilion Dance sessions and wanted to get into it because I thought It looked cool and I wanted to do some of the things I had seen in movies, but as I have continued training my reasons for practising Parkour have changed and I now train mainly for self-improvement and to have fun! 

When and why you began coaching: I started coaching as a gymnastics coach in 2015, and started coaching Parkour in 2016. I started coaching gymnastics because I wanted to help people to learn new skills, however, when I started coaching parkour, I was amazed at the amount of interest the kids actually had in learning, compared to gymnastics. I enjoy watching practitioners improve and helping them to improve. Coaching has also helped me to develop my own Parkour ability.

Where do you coach? Beaufort Community Centre on a Monday and Wednesday.

Future ambitions: I am going to continue developing my own skills as a Parkour practitioner. When I turn 18, I hope to work towards my Level 2 Parkour coaching qualification. I am also currently training for the stunt register with a view to hopefully having a career as a stunt performer.


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