About Train Hard


Train Hard is a group of people who are spearheading the development of parkour in the South West of England.

Train Hard’s roots spring from the Bournemouth and Dorchester area. It all started very loosely, and to the untrained eye would have looked like a group of young people jumping onto walls, swinging on branches, and looking for challenging movements in their urban landscape.

In the beginning, the process of parkour training was an unguided one. Progress came in starts and stops without a guiding entity giving advice on the best paths to take. Through perseverance and the love of moving, skills were slowly honed. Although a teacher or coach may have sped this process up, the experience of making mistakes (and the discipline needed to get up and try again) forged a strong belief in the notion that “failing is learning”, and learning from experience can be seen in Train Hard’s professional and organised parkour sessions.

As parkour grew in popularity, the regular training started to turn into coaching. What started off as a parent asking if their young children could get some advice, turned into a small parkour class. That small parkour class grew and became two parkour classes, then requests were made to teach in schools, youth centres and at festivals. This process was happening in parallel in Bournemouth and Dorchester. The people that now comprise Train Hard crossed paths a few times over the years, occasionally training together, but It wasn’t until the last few years that they have joined together to form a formidable parkour organisation.



Here’s what our members told us that they got from Parkour sessions with Train Hard!

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